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„Meeting with Alpaca”

Dębowiec 11A
Gmina Prudnik


     Is a popular dance of Aymara people, historically origin on the border of Peru, Bolivia and Chile. In dynamic way it represents the task of Llama herding and holds a historic religious value as a ritual of good fortune.

     Some claim, the Llamerada is very old, even Inca dance. An argument is mainly based on the fact that Llama herding has been very important to the indigenous people of the Andes for the centuries and the Inca Empire include prats of Bolivia. 

     There is very little known about how the actual version of the dance emerged. Even the costumes have changed a lot during the last few decades but the Headdress used at present is said to represent the traditional Headdress of Aymara leaders.

Our mission  

     Our primary goal is scientific and educational activity, especially in the field of education and  child and youth development, implemented through:


✻  Developing and strengthening attitudes aimed at active development and integration of children and youth;

✻  Undertaking activities that affect the comprehensive development of children, teenagers and adults, stimulating their activity;

✻  Promoting education:

✻  Creating and implementing education and using all available distribution channels;

 Stimulating ecological awareness and learning responsible attitude towards nature and the environment,

✻ Charitable and educational activities;

 Conducting various types of therapy which supports development and health, like horticultural therapy, alpaca therapy, music therapy, etc.

 Supporting and popularizing projects of culture, tradition, science and art;

 Creating programs promoting the idea of ​​volunteering;

✻ Maintaining the national tradition and developing national and cultural awareness;

 Conducting activities for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

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